Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Bowen's! Love me some Bowen's!

Lil' Ava + Landry are just the best! This sweet family is very dear to Phil + I! We met Stacey + Brandon in our neighborhood through mutual friends shortly after we got married in 2007! Stacey delivered Ava a few days after we met her! Since then we have had the opportunity to form a special friendship with Stacey +Brandon, love on Ava, watch her grow into such a sweet lil' girl, and welcome baby #2 Landry! Unfortunatly, the Bowen's recently moved to Charleston. We miss them dearly, but are truly excited for their family + what God has in store for the Bowen's! When they were in town for Thanksgiving we were able to get together for this shoot! Thanks Stacey + Brandon for having me take pictures - I love our time together + look forward to seeing yall soon!